Saturday, March 26, 2011

'Dreamtime' [Trance/Chillout]

A while ago I got some mixing equipment so I could DJ. It's fun to mix other people's music but any aspiring trance-addict ultimately wants something more: their own songs.

I'm aiming at getting some "real" software to produce my own tracks on but, for now, I decided to try my hand at GarageBand. I figure if I learn a little about composition before I can get better software then I'll be more prepared to learn on the more complex system.

Without further ado, here is my latest (only, and first) song, "Dreamtime."

Video: Dreamtime by Sacris.

The footage is from a trip I did with my friends, Sharyn and Simona, at Lake Daniels.

I know it's a first attempt but I'm pretty pleased with it. I've learned loads already. I may even go back and remix the same song once I learn more!

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