Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Human Pride

Gay, straight, we're all human.

I was reading Jesus Needs New PR and I came across this shirt:

Now, the morons who made this shirt decided to print bible verses on them that called for gays to be put to death. Versus like Lev 20:13, "If a man lay with a male as those who lay with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and shall surely be put to death."

Read more about it here.

That's an interesting form of straight pride: homicidal, bigoted pride. You go, girl!

That's when I decided to make this image. Hopefully you like it, and feel free to use it personally (though not commercially). I'm considering submitting it to Threadless so it can be (hopefully) voted into existence as a shirt.

If you or anyone that you know are affected by bullying based on your sexual orientation, I suggest that you check out The Trevor Project.

Comments welcome :)


Jonathan Elliot said...

Great pic! I like it a lot :)

I suppose it could be suggested it promotes 4-way polyamoury, but the title "Human pride" bypasses that ;)

Nice one

Jonathan Elliot said...

PS: Why not send it to JesusNeedsNewPr ?

Romy said...

VERY good!!!

Iain said...

Polyamoury, yes I suppose it could be that :)

What I intended the interpretation to be is a joining of M-M, M-F, and F-F relationships. It's also got a M-M-F and M-F-F pattern, denoting bisexuality. So i think I managed to squeeze in gay, straight, and bi.

... and polyamoury? :P

Okay, maybe not polyamoury.

Yeah, I'll post a note or email JNNPR.

Jenna said...

Fabulous post! Absolutely you should submit it to Threadless. If you don't, I'll do it for you. Think we should all use this as a Twitter avatar for, at least, a day. What say you all? Also, I found this interesting list of various translations of Leviticus 20:13--> http://www.religioustolerance.org/hom_bibh3.htm

I love how these people pick and choose to fuel their dangerous stupidity.

I also have to add people like this make me ashamed to be human and American.

a space alien said...

Thanks for this heads up, Iain. If you haven't already, take a bit of time and watch this talk by renowned bible scholar Bart Ehrman (formerly a born again, is agnostic today): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cK3Ry_icJo He actually learned ancient Greek in order to translate the original scriptures, and inevitably found TONS of gross errors and flat out intentional misinterpretations throughout the book's history, including insertions of bigotry against homosexuals.

As for your t-shirt idea, I propose showing 3 couples - two men, two women, and a man with a woman. That way everyone's covered (well, just about anyway). Good idea you have!

Iain said...

Thanks, Romy :)

Jenna, sounds good. I'll make it my twitter-avatar later tonight. Really appreciate your enthusiasm! I'll try to figure out how Threadless works when I get home this evening.

Space Alien, I love Bart. I'm a total theology nerd. About the couples, the reason why I did it as I did is because I was combining the idea of unity/harmony/group solidarity (circle of friends etc) along with the juxtaposition of Male with Male, Male with Female, and Female with Female. So the "couples" are there, symbolically, even if it takes a little more imagination.

a space alien said...

"So the "couples" are there, symbolically, even if it takes a little more imagination."

I picked that up, natch. Unfortunately the thing with that is many fundamentalists will likely misinterpret it as poly or whatever their bias compels them to. Go figure. Still, that would separate the true thinkers from the sheeple. LOL

AbFabGab said...

Excellent post and pic. I linked to this post via my blog. : )