Thursday, August 21, 2008

The descent of man

Descending bodyweight, that is.

I'm trying to lose 0.5-1kg a week, with as much Fat% as that is (rather than Muscle%).

I've started using rather than because FitDay does a better weight goal system and they provide a macronutrient breakdown of your daily food intake plus what you are eating relative to your daily intake required for your weight loss goal. Very clever.

Here is my weight drop so far (the graph is in pounds, even though I get to work with kilograms on the website) and you can see the trendline which would equate to about 4kg a month.

Above: the clever auto-graphing weight goal feature at

Saturday, August 16, 2008

'Wanted', come hell or high water

Nothing on the face of planet earth is going to stop me seeing the new movie, 'Wanted'.

Starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy (oh, and Morgan Freeman, yayyy...?), when I saw the trailers it looked a little fast paced, interesting, but somewhat... uh... meh-ish.

However, I have since been to visit Rotten Tomatoes.

Some of my favourite quotes about it:

Don't drink an energy drink before seeing Wanted; your head might explode from over-stimulation

As long as you check your ethics at the door, there's nothing wrong with reveling in its skillful brand of sociopathic mayhem.


For any red-blooded, alpha male who loves to masturbate while armed - this is your movie


Wanted is like the last of big budget porn, throwing around endless style along with massive fake boobs and enough smoke to choke a Scott.

Whether you find the whole thing thrilling or exhausting will depend in large part on the health of your adrenal glands.

Take a slice of The Matrix, stir in pinches of X-Men and Da Vinci Code and garnish with a sprinkling of Hellraiser - and Wanted sounds like a re-heated Sunday roast. Add the bloody viscera of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you'll think it's a dodgy dish

...when Freeman, Jolie, McAvoy and the rest get a chance, there's even some decent acting going on. It's almost as if the great Loom of Fate dropped a stitch and willed it.

You may not have noticed, but those were a combination of Fresh Tomato rating and Rotten. Funny thing is, there's pretty much no way to tell. The movie sounds like it is going to be very insane... and very awesome.

It might be the extra testosterone, L-glutamine, ZMA, and tyroxsyn speaking, but this movie should be GREAT!

I'll let you know...

[edit] The movie was excellent - and a solid two hours to boot. I cringed at some gory parts, but it literally had me open-jawed and gobsmacked (how do you literally get gobsmacked?) at the sheer awesomeness of some of the action sequences. Oh yeahhh

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ivan Chakarov is a god

This just needs to be seen.

The man only weighs 91kg...

In 1993, 3 days before winning the World Weightlifting Championship, Ivan Chakarov was spotted in the training halls doing high bar, ass to grass Squats with 265kg for 2 reps at 91kg body-weight.

World Wide Webpages

This is a public service announcement to all humans in business:

If you don't have a useful webpage I don't want to know you.

This is a concept that many are quite slow to pick up on, especially here in Christchurch.

It's something similar to the view in TradeMe that says, "I don't trust you unless you are Address Verified and your auction has PICTURES of the product for sale".

I mean come on, how difficult is it for people to get up to speed. If somebody wants to sell me a product before the savvy competition does then they need to follow these simple steps:

1) provide a webpage for me to visit, especially useful if I found you via
2) show me product photographs with a relevant and updated product description if the product is complicated (unlike gym supplements websites that endlessly repeat, "under the new medsafe regulations we are not allowed to state any further information about this product")
3) if it is a chemical, I want to know what it does. If it is technology then I want technical specifications.
4) tell me HOW MUCH IT COSTS to buy it from you, otherwise there's no way I'm going to waste petrol coming to sniff around your lame store.
5) provide me with contact details so I can call you and also with a physical address so I can find you on

Basically, if business people can't spend the time to demonstrate to me that they can provide me with a good deal and that I can trust them to make it all worth my while, then I can easily go and find somebody else who will.

The adage 'let your fingers do the walking' is only half helpful because it requires the shops to put in the other half of the effort.

Seacrest, out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My body analysis

I'll try posting some of my fitness stuff here for now, since 10-7 isn't up and running.

I just bought a 'Salter Body Analyzer & Scale' from Phonequip (via TradeMe) today. I saved $40 off the Farmers price, hooray.

I tried one yesterday and was so amazed that I decided to get it. Problem with regular scales is that if it reads zero weight change... what does that mean for body fat or lean muscle?
So I bought these scales. Using a fancy little electric current through your feet (you don't feel it), the scales measure your body's impedance and the algorithms calculate your fat%, bone mass, water%, and muscle% as well as the providing you your weight (of course).

My current specs are as follows:

Gender: M
Age: 27
Height: 167cm

Weight - 87.8kg
Fat - 30.7%
Bone mass - 2.6kg
Water - 54.2%
Muscle - 40.1%

Based on age, gender, and height, my goals are approximately:

Weight - 70kg
Fat - 16%
Bone mass - ?
Water - 60%
Muscle - ?

If you play with the figures, in order to reach the goal weight and fat%, I would need to lose lean muscle. I don't plan to do that, so I guess that means I'll have to weigh more. That's fine, of course. 70kg feels a bit light. My secret real aim is 75kg.
I'm only 6% away from my water% aim. Good for me ;)
That leaves muscle% and bone mass. Bone mass will take care of itself with calcium, vitamin D and my weights routine. As for my muscle% goal - I don't really know. More = good. Basically if I'm strong enough to reach my strength goals then whatever the official stats read it doesn't really matter. The muscle% is only important so that I know how my workout schedule is going relative to weight and fat%.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess what? I'm still spam

So my blog got marked as spam, as I discussed earlier.

I clicked some link to 'restore blog' and sent an e-request to get some human to review my blog and declare me un-spam... and today I look and see that my request seems to have either timed out or been denied.

So in 20 days, it says, if they don't hear from me my blog will be deleted.

Here I go again... request human review...

Blog-O-Sphere gods, hear my plea. This little blogger isn't spam. Give me back my blog. Thanks.

p.s. neither Blogger nor Google have provided an easy way to actually email them. Help forums, yes, direct contact (other than snailmail) no. Somewhere a little boy waits.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Revenge of the Junk Mail?

So Blogger thinks my new blog, is a spam blog. Argh! What can a guy do to get a blog restored around here?

The one blog that I actually want to update something close to daily or weekly and they close it down.

They say they'll get a human to review it to determine whether it is okay and hopefully unlock it, but it's a pretty long and frustrating wait.