Sunday, February 04, 2007

Poem: An Unclouded Smile

Ahead of me a wooden door, white paint flaked now with time.
Before me? Dark, a way unknown; but also dark behind.
For action grants my only sight, and naught else save my God,
Until that day when, looking back, I'll see just where I stood.

And doing so I'll swell with joy, for having made a stand
To go with grace and hope and peace when fortune took my hand.
With no regrets to cloud my smile when my race has been run,
I'll thank my God for everything in providence He's done.

New Blog: CantabrIAIN

In order that I may have a way for my friends and relatives to keep track of my adventures in Christchurch other then via email, I have created a blog for it: CantabrIAIN!

This blog, phrenicphilosophy, is and will remain my 'real' blog, with bloggy ponderences both inane and theological (or both); while CantabrIAIN will have more serious posts about my life, my adventures, and my friends as I attempt to survive in Christchurch.

Stay posted to it if you want to see how I get on!

Meet Senator Barack Obama

I don't usually care about politics per se, especially not international politics.

But I'd like you to meet Barack Obama, a black democrat at the start of the long road to possible USA Presidency...

Obama on The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart:

Obama's speech about himself and his upcoming plans:

Wow, I think I really like the guy. I have grown cynical about America's politics from my small NZ perspective, and this guy gives me some hope in integrity still remaining possible.

But it's not like I can vote ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Chaser's War on Everything

Thanks to Sharyn for finding these guys and introducing them to me!

Now allow me to introduce you to The Chaser's War on Everything.

They seem to be an Australian series that played in at least 2006. I say this because I on one episode they gave the website of their archives (i'm going to check wikipedia about them anyway, hopefully they're still going).

For a series of clips from each episode in 2006, check here.

I love Stephen Colbert and his pals, and now i think I love these guys. Of course, if you check out the 'Airport Pickups' from 8 Sep 06 episode, they do go a little bit to far sometimes for my liking. Granted, being mean to Japanese tourists is funny, but it feels a little bit too much like collateral damage in the name of humour to me.

Make sure you check out the Surprise Spruiker from 17 Feb 06 and 24 Feb 06.