Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Heart Jon Stewart

I have got back from TSCF's SLC (Student Leader's Conference). I'll post something wise about this later, but for now I just wanted to post something that stems from my unadulterated desire to be like Jon Stewart (and/or Steven Colbert):

Brink of War???

Enjoy, I did.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It is finished... (hopefully)


So, given that my worst exam doesn't turn into a terrible stuff up (its complicated...) I should have just finished my Bachelor of Science, Psychology!

Tired but happy.

I have learned much: about Crowds, Individuals, Pigeons, Terror, Hatred, Prejudice, Love, Persuasion, and Brains.

If you have a spare year (and the cash) then I recommend a Postgrad Diploma in Psych, its an extremely fascinating subject.

I can say that it definately changed my opinions about people, very much so. People are so complex, and how we behave is so saturated with influences and ideas, some obvious but many subconscious.

I have had my moments where I was disgusted with people, seeing e.g. how crowds would taunt a suicidal edge-sitter into jumping. Or learning about how even the most "normal" and respectable person could be swept into a horrifyingly savage lynchmob.

But overall it made me realise how special people are.

I also realised how important principles like group cohesion and minority influence (how small groups influence large groups) might be if used strategically in churches and Christian groups. There is something to be said about understanding people well and applying that understanding effectively, and I don't think that is 'evil' or negative.

It reminds me of the Maori saying that I may have once blogged about:

He aha te mea nui?
He tangata.
He tangata.
He tangata.

What is the most important thing? It is people, it is people, it is people.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Maybe I'm a fruitcake...

...but I'm pretty glad that the Democrats just got the Majority position in the House.

News-type articles here (NYT) and here (also NYT).

This almost feels like the best of both worlds: America gets to blow stuff up with GWB at the helm, while at the same time the Democrats get to keep him on his leash a bit more.

Perhaps I should use less offensive metaphors, but I'm tired and about to sleep... and then about to get up at 5am. Exam at 9am. Yeah.

Still, at least its the final exam... of my whole degree.

Anyway, Dubyah. Yes it appears that he's been pushing his agenda a bit too much, and now people can't hack it anymore. One figure put it that 4/10 people voted against him, being about twice that who said they voted for him.

I couldn't stand to be an American and not vote in every little ballot I could. The Republicans don't need to put ads on TV to get ME to have my say! But I'd probably vote Democrat most of the time anyway :P

Not that I *am* a Democrat, I think NZ'ers who say that who aren't Ex-Pat Americans are manuses. Manus's. Mahon-uses? It doesn't make sense to frame oneself in the political terms of an independant country. I may as well say I'm a Californian because if I lived in the US it would be in San Francisco (now I'm really hoping SF is actually in California...).

Maybe if I keep posting political commentary I'll get to be on RadioLive just like Dave Farrar. Lucky sod.

p.s. notice how RadioLive can be split into the words: Radi Olive. I can't stand it, now all I can think about is Olives whenever I tune in.

God Bless Olives.

Like children...

I love these two photos. They never cease to make me smile (I need a smile, I'm studying!).

Peeking around my mum's leg.

Iain Hood? The beginning of my love affair with all things medieval.
My sister, Kristin - the Susan to my Peter.

I wish sometimes that I could go back there. Instead, I'll settle for the memories... and the smile.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sponsor my Mo!

Greetings all,

My Mo is coming along nicely. I still have 95% of the month to go, but at least it looks like I'm part of Movember now ;)
Because men suck so much at looking after their health - particularly where it competes with their need to be manly and independent - Movember is trying to raise money and awareness globally.

As I said, here in NZ Movember is raising money for those such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ.

I would love it if anyone felt generous enough to sponsor me through the Movember website, no amount is too small!

You could alternatively go to and locate me via my name (Iain McMahon) or Mo Rego number (27777).

There will be a Movember "Gala Partè" at the end of the month, for $25 per ticket, but I'm probably to busy and too poor to personally attend.

May the fuzz be with you.